About the Festival Valley


About the Festival Valley

Tokaj Festival Valley - Tokaji Fesztiválkatlan

In accordance with the slogan “Elite Wine - Elite Culture - Elite Audience - Tokaj-Hegyalja as World Heritage”, we intend to establish a touristic destination in Tokaj with focus on cultural issues. We believe that the investment of HUF 2 billion, realised by EU funding, will enable the town to re-enter the map of key touristic sites.

The region is going to be enriched with a new facility that will suitable for the organisation of both cultural and sports events. Such events may be able to generate a significant number of visitors, and, accordingly, accommodation facilities in the town and the region may be filled with guests, and the popularity of local restaurants may also increase. This is going to be an attraction that will host cultural, sports events and other programmes as well, and our task will be to fill the facility with life by using all available resources.

The main stage theatre of the events centre, which was formed in a no longer used open mine pit is capable of seating up to 2,500 people. Below the auditorium of the open-air main stage theatre, available for use in late spring, during the summer and the early autumn season, we will establish a more than 1,000 square metre exhibition and events space. Furthermore, the group of buildings for auxiliary (including sanitary) services will accommodate rooms such as a ticket office, a medical room, sanitary rooms, bicycle and motorcycle storage facilities as well as business premises. In addition thereto, the area of the Festival Valley will also include a green area of 1,650 square metres and 2,330 square metres of car parking space.

There will be a 25-metre deep and 70-metre wide plain-surface stage established in front of the steeply ascending, fan-shaped auditorium facing the side of the hills; there will be two ramps of 10 metre width and of a low slope leading up to the stage on both sides. Moreover, the stage can be shaped as required, and thus performances of the most diverse genres may be hosted by the facility. Also, high standard concerts, theatre performances and other cultural events will perfectly fit into the natural imagery of wine culture and world heritage.