• Apartmenthouse and a part of garden

    Apartmenthouse and a part of garden

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  • Cooking and roasting in the garden

    Cooking and roasting in the garden

  • Panorama to the vineyards

    Panorama to the vineyards

  • Panorama from the local lookout tower

    Panorama from the local lookout tower

Guesthouse, Weddings Tokaj Wine Region

Welcome to Zakator Guesthouse in the Tokaj Wine Region!

Our Guesthouse and Winery are situated in the famous Tokay Wine Region, belonging to a World heritage area, about 8 kms from Tokay. It can be found in the village of Bodrogkisfalud, next to the River Bodrog. There is a wonderful view of the River Bodrog and the Tokay Mountain from the huge garden of our guesthouse. Our guesthouse is an apartment house with well-equipped kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. You can go fishing, boating, kayaking and canoeing at the nearby wharf area providing also a great number of water sports facilities. Our visitors are served with a closed yard, parking places and Wifi; their stay is made more convenient and exciting by barbecues, grilling, cooking goulash soup, volleyball, ping pong, badminton, bowling, a mobile playground for children, garden chess and about 90 m2 covered garden place facilities. In the large garden, a separate space equipped with bathrooms for campers is also available. There is a unique vineyard with a lot of grape varieties to taste and compare for gourmets and inquirers. Homemade jams of the landlady can also be bought by our visitors.

The visitors can go on a nice outing or a walk to the surrounding Zemplén Mountains or Tokay Mountain but just within the village there is a marvelous view of Bodrogkeresztúr from the local lookout tower. Those longing for a spa or an open air swimming pool can profit from the nearby Végardó Thermal Bath in Sárospatak or the Bath and Wellness House in Szerencs. After their pleasantly tiring trips, our guests can receive relaxing body or foot massage here, in the apartment house. There are various high-standard cultural events available: wine festivals, grape harvest festivals, pleasure boat trips, craftsmanship fairs or historic buildings and monuments, churches, regional folklore museums, castles and art exhibitions of this area can provide meaningful and high-quality relaxation and entertainment.

Have an enjoyable pastime with us!



Hungary, 3917 Bodrogkisfalud (Tokaj Wine Region), 
Petőfi Street 10.





Opening time:

All the year